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When will the Flit folding ebike be launching?

We are launching our bike on Kickstarter very soon. If you’d like to be the first to know about our launch (and be in with a chance of receiving exclusive early bird pricing!), you can sign up here.

How much will the ebike be?

There will be a very small number of ebikes available for a discounted early bird price. If you’d like to be in with a chance of receiving one of these, sign up to our newsletter and we’ll make sure you’re first in line! 

What colours will the ebike be available in?

Initially the bike will be available in three colours: Marengo Grey, Maya Blue or Smokey White.

How much does the ebike weigh?

14kg, with the battery included

How far can the ebike travel on one charge?

30-50km, depending on the level of assistance chosen and the type of terrain being ridden on. 

How does the motor work?

The motor drive control is pedal torque sensing, meaning that the ebike can sense how hard you are pedalling and will only give you a boost when you need it.

It’s a 220W rear hub motor, powered by a lithium ion battery (which is integrated into the top tube).

Who makes the rear hub motor?

Our motor is manufactured by Bafang. We chose Bafang for their good reputation within the ebike industry, and the high quality, natural feeling ride that the motor gives.

How do you charge the ebike?

You can charge the Flit bike by simply plugging the charger into the nearest mains socket, using the charging port located on the top tube. 

You can also easily remove the battery to charge, just remove the seat post to slide the battery out and plug into the mains using the charger. 

How long does the battery take to charge?

Charging time is 2.5 hours. You can plug the ebike straight into a normal mains plug socket.

Does the ebike charge as you ride?

No, not on the current version of our ebike, but for future models we are looking to feature regenerative braking to recover energy during braking.

Will Flit make a non-electric version of the bike?

We currently don’t have any plans to build a non-electric version, however it is possible to change the assistance level on our ebike. You can choose from 6 different levels of assistance, including off, if you fancy more of a workout. 

Are the handlebars interchangeable with others?

As the handlebars are a sensitive part during the fold of the bike, on the current version it isn’t possible to change the handlebars. The handlebar height however can easily be adjusted to suit you. 

Where are the bikes manufactured?

We have chosen to manufacture and assemble our ebike in Taiwan, renowned for its high quality manufacture in the bike industry. 

I'm worried about bike theft, does the bike have security features?

For your peace of mind, the bike’s battery locks into the frame to deter theft.